Natera (NTRA) Shares Cross Below 200 DMA

Natera (NTRA) Shares Cross Below 200 DMA

In trading on Wednesday, the shares of Natera Inc (Symbol: NTRA) dipped below their 200-day moving average of $49.15. The stock reached a low of $48.88 per share, resulting in a decrease of approximately 2.7% for the day. The chart illustrating the one-year performance of NTRA shares relative to its 200-day moving average showcases the company’s fluctuations within a range of $34.002 to $63. As the stock currently stands at $49.16, it is essential for investors to monitor Natera’s performance to determine its future trajectory in the market.

Natera (NTRA) Shares Cross Below 200 DMA


In recent trading activity, the shares of Natera Inc. (NTRA) have crossed below their 200-day moving average (DMA), signaling a potentially bearish trend for the stock. This article will provide an overview of Natera Inc., explain the significance of crossing below the 200 DMA, analyze the trading activity and performance of NTRA shares, compare NTRA’s performance to its 52-week range, discuss other stocks crossing below the 200 DMA, examine analyst recommendations for Natera Inc., and assess the impact of crossing below the 200 DMA on the company.

Overview of Natera Inc.

Natera Inc. is a leading genetic testing company that specializes in non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), genetic testing for reproductive health, and oncology testing. The company’s products and services provide valuable insights into hereditary conditions, cancer detection and monitoring, and personalized medicine. Natera’s innovative technology, proprietary algorithms, and extensive genetic database position it as a key player in the genomics industry.

Explanation of the 200 DMA

The 200-day moving average (DMA) is a commonly used technical indicator in financial markets. It is calculated by taking the average closing price of a stock over the past 200 trading days. The 200 DMA is often used as a trend-following tool to assess the long-term price direction of a stock. When the stock’s price crosses below the 200 DMA, it is considered a bearish signal, indicating a potential shift in sentiment and a possible downtrend in the stock.

Trading Activity

On a recent trading day, NTRA shares crossed below their 200 DMA, reaching a low of $48.88 per share. The volume and liquidity of the trading activity should be analyzed to gauge the significance of this event. Additionally, the price movements leading up to and following the cross below the 200 DMA can provide valuable insights into market sentiment and investor behavior. Traders and investors may also consider different trading strategies based on this technical signal.

Performance of NTRA Shares

To understand the potential implications of NTRA shares crossing below the 200 DMA, it is important to analyze the stock’s performance over the past year. Comparing the performance of NTRA shares to benchmark indices can help to provide a broader context for evaluating the stock’s relative strength or weakness. Furthermore, it is crucial to assess the impact of crossing below the 200 DMA on the stock’s performance and any potential correlation between the two.

Comparison to 52-Week Range

Analyzing Natera Inc.’s 52-week high and low can provide insights into the stock’s volatility and price trends over the past year. Crossing below the 200 DMA may impact investor sentiment, causing them to reassess their positions in the stock. By conducting a long-term trend analysis, investors can gain a better understanding of the stock’s price movements and identify any potential support or resistance levels that may come into play.

Other Stocks Crossing Below 200 DMA

While Natera Inc. may be the focus of this article, it is worth noting other stocks that have recently crossed below their 200 DMA. Identifying similar patterns in other stocks can help to uncover broader market sentiment and sector trends. By examining the reasons behind these crosses, investors can gain additional insights into the potential drivers behind NTRA’s recent performance.

Analyst Recommendations

Analyst recommendations play a significant role in shaping investor sentiment and can impact the stock’s performance. Assessing the current analyst ratings for Natera Inc. and the potential impact of crossing below the 200 DMA on these recommendations is crucial. Analysts may revise their price targets or provide updated outlooks on the stock based on this technical signal. Investors should also consider potential price targets set by analysts to gauge the stock’s future performance.

Impact on Natera Inc.

Crossing below the 200 DMA may have implications for Natera Inc., both in the short term and in the long term. Investor sentiment, trading patterns, and analyst recommendations can all influence the stock’s performance and future prospects. Assessing the potential impact on Natera’s financials, market position, and growth prospects is essential to understanding the overall outlook for the company.


In summary, Natera Inc. shares crossing below their 200 DMA is a significant event that could indicate a potential shift in market sentiment and a bearish trend for the stock. By analyzing the trading activity, performance, and other stocks crossing below the 200 DMA, investors can gain valuable insights into Natera’s current position and future prospects. Additionally, considering analyst recommendations and the impact on the company allows investors to make informed decisions regarding their NTRA holdings.