S&P Asia Infrastructure Index

The S&P Asia Infrastructure Index is a comprehensive benchmark that encompasses 30 of the largest publicly listed infrastructure companies in Asia. These companies have all met specific investability requirements to ensure that investors have access to liquid exposure to leading Asian infrastructure companies from both developed and emerging markets. With its diverse range of constituents, this index provides a valuable tool for investors seeking to track and evaluate the performance of the infrastructure sector in Asia.

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The S&P Asia Infrastructure Index is a comprehensive benchmark that includes the 30 largest publicly listed infrastructure companies in Asia. These companies represent a diverse range of sectors within the infrastructure industry, including transportation, utilities, and energy. The index is designed to provide investors with exposure to the Asian infrastructure market and is widely used by investors and financial professionals to track the performance of the infrastructure sector in Asia.

To be included in the index, companies must meet specific investability requirements, ensuring that only the most liquid and investable companies are included. This ensures that the index accurately reflects the performance of the Asian infrastructure market.

The S&P Asia Infrastructure Index provides investors with exposure to both developed and emerging markets in Asia. This allows investors to benefit from the growth potential of emerging markets while also gaining exposure to more mature and stable markets in the region. This diversification can help reduce risk and enhance returns for investors.


To provide investors with comprehensive information about the S&P Asia Infrastructure Index, a range of documents are available for reference. These include a factsheet, which provides an overview of the index and its methodology, as well as a methodology document, which outlines the criteria for inclusion in the index and the calculation methodology. Additionally, an index classification document is available, which provides detailed information about the sectors and industries represented in the index.

These documents are valuable resources for investors and financial professionals who want to gain a deeper understanding of the S&P Asia Infrastructure Index and its components.

Equity Related Indices

In addition to the S&P Asia Infrastructure Index, there are several other equity indices that investors can consider for their portfolios. These indices track various sectors and industries and can provide additional diversification and investment opportunities.

The S&P Global Natural Resources Index tracks companies involved in the production and distribution of natural resources, including energy, materials, and agriculture. The Dow Jones Brookfield Global Infrastructure Index focuses specifically on infrastructure companies, including utilities, transportation, and energy infrastructure. The S&P Global Timber and Forestry Index tracks companies involved in the timber and forestry industry. The S&P Global Luxury Index includes companies in the luxury goods sector, such as fashion, accessories, and hospitality. The S&P Japan Corporate Group Index – Series 1 tracks the performance of corporate group stocks in Japan. Lastly, the Mitsubishi Group Cluster index consists of companies that are part of the Mitsubishi Group conglomerate.

Investors can consider these indices as potential investment opportunities to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to specific sectors or industries.

Index News

The S&P Asia Infrastructure Index is regularly updated to reflect changes in the market and the inclusion or exclusion of companies. Recent news and announcements about the index are available for investors to stay informed about any updates or modifications.

For example, the S&P Eurozone Automotive and Electric Vehicles Index recently underwent an eligible RBICS methodology update. This update ensures that the index accurately reflects the automotive and electric vehicle sectors in the Eurozone. Similarly, the S&P U.S. & China Electric Vehicle Index also underwent an eligible RBICS methodology update to reflect changes in the electric vehicle industry in the United States and China.

Additionally, the S&P BSE Indices recently underwent reconstitution, which involves the periodic review and adjustment of the constituents of the indices to ensure they accurately represent the market.

Investors can stay up-to-date with these news and announcements to make informed investment decisions based on the latest information.

Research & Insights

S&P Dow Jones Indices provides a range of research and insights for investors and financial professionals. This includes reports, commentary, and educational materials on various topics related to investing in infrastructure and other asset classes.

One such report is “Approaches to Benchmarking Listed Infrastructure,” which examines different methods and approaches to benchmarking infrastructure investments. This report provides valuable insights for investors looking to evaluate and compare infrastructure investments.

Another report, “InsuranceTalks: Why Insurers Are Increasingly Considering Infrastructure Investments as Core,” explores the reasons why insurance companies are increasingly incorporating infrastructure investments into their portfolios. This report can help investors understand the benefits and considerations of investing in infrastructure from an insurance perspective.

Additionally, the S&P BSE Bharat 22 Index provides insights and information specifically about the Indian infrastructure market and its potential for investors.

These research and insights can help investors make informed decisions and better understand the opportunities and risks associated with investing in infrastructure.


The S&P Asia Infrastructure Index is composed of several companies that are weighted based on their market capitalization. The top 10 constituents by index weight represent the largest and most influential companies in the index. Investors can refer to the full constituents list to see all the companies included in the index.

The index also provides a breakdown of the sectors represented in the index. This sector breakdown helps investors understand the composition of the index and the industries that are driving its performance. Additionally, the sector index weight provides insights into the relative importance of each sector within the index.

These characteristics can help investors assess the diversification and risk profile of the S&P Asia Infrastructure Index and make informed investment decisions.


For investors looking to narrow down their search for specific products or information, S&P Dow Jones Indices provides several filters to refine search results. These filters include content type, dates, product name, product type, and country/region.

Investors can use these filters to find relevant information and resources based on their specific preferences and requirements.

Product Name

One example of a product linked to the S&P Asia Infrastructure Index is the Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bear 3X Shares. This exchange-traded fund (ETF) is available in Australia and is designed to provide investors with inverse exposure to the performance of the S&P Biotech Index. This product allows investors to potentially profit from declines in the biotech sector.

Investors interested in this or other index-linked products can refer to the available resources and documentation for more information about the specific product and its characteristics.

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