S&P EuroUSAJapan 200 Net Zero 2050 Paris-Aligned Select 50 Point Decrement Index

The S&P EuroUSAJapan 200 Net Zero 2050 Paris-Aligned Select 50 Point Decrement Index is a new, innovative financial product designed to measure the performance of a select index while incorporating sustainability and climate transition goals. This index seeks to align with the Paris Agreement’s objective of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 by reducing its carbon footprint incrementally through a 50-point decrement. By integrating environmental considerations into investment strategies, this index represents a shift towards a more sustainable and responsible approach to financial markets. Investors can now engage in socially-conscious investing without sacrificing financial performance. The S&P EuroUSAJapan 200 Net Zero 2050 Paris-Aligned Select 50 Point Decrement Index offers a unique opportunity for investors to support climate action while generating potential returns.

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S&P Global is a leading provider of financial market intelligence, offering a range of services in various sectors. Its subsidiary, S&P Dow Jones Indices, provides a comprehensive suite of indices across different asset classes. S&P Global Market Intelligence offers research and insights to help professionals make informed investment decisions. S&P Global Mobility provides data and analytics solutions to the transportation industry. S&P Global Commodity Insights offers market intelligence and analytics for commodity markets. S&P Global Ratings provides credit ratings and research to investors and issuers. S&P Global Sustainable focuses on providing sustainability solutions and insights for sustainable investing.

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S&P Dow Jones Indices offers a wide range of indices to meet the diverse needs of investors. The equity indices cover various segments of the stock market, while the fixed income indices track bond markets and interest rates. The commodities indices provide insights into commodity markets, while the dividends and factors indices focus on dividend-paying stocks and factor investing strategies. The multi-asset indices offer a diversified approach to investing, combining stocks, bonds, and other assets. Other strategies indices cover alternative investment strategies. The ESG indices incorporate environmental, social, and governance factors into their methodology. Thematics indices focus on specific investment themes, such as clean energy or technology. Digital assets indices track the performance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related assets. Indicators provide a snapshot of market conditions, while custom solutions allow investors to create tailored indices.

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Research & Insights

S&P Global Market Intelligence offers research and insights for professionals in different sectors. The exchange relationships category provides information on exchange-traded products and relationships with exchanges worldwide. Professional resources provide tools and resources for wealth managers, insurance professionals, and institutional investors. The wealth managers category offers insights and solutions for wealth management professionals. The insurance category focuses on providing information and analysis for insurance professionals. The institutional investors category provides insights and solutions for institutional investors. The defined contribution category focuses on research and insights for defined contribution plan sponsors and providers.


S&P Global is committed to transparency and adheres to rigorous governance practices. The regulatory information section provides information on regulatory changes and updates relevant to the financial industry. Methodologies section provides details on the methodologies used in constructing S&P Global’s indices. Consultations section allows stakeholders to provide feedback on various aspects of S&P Global’s operations and products. Corporate engagement focuses on S&P Global’s efforts to engage with its stakeholders and address their concerns.

Indices by Region

S&P Global offers indices covering different regions around the world. The global category includes indices that cover global markets. The Americas category includes indices that focus on North and South American markets. The Europe category covers European markets. The Middle East & Africa category includes indices that cover markets in the Middle East and Africa. The Asia Pacific category focuses on indices covering markets in the Asia Pacific region.


IHS Markit Indices is a subsidiary of S&P Global that provides a range of indices in various asset classes. The iBoxx Bond & Loan Indices cover global bond and loan markets. The ESG/Sustainable Indices focus on sustainable investing. The Credit Default Swap Indices track credit default swap markets. The Private Investment Benchmarks provide benchmarks for private investments.

Index News

The Index News section provides updates on S&P Global’s indices. The news items include modifications to index optimization constraints, rebalance schedule modifications, and results of consultations on index eligibility requirements. These updates ensure that S&P Global’s indices remain up-to-date and reflect the changing market conditions.

Research & Insights

The Research & Insights section offers a range of educational resources and insights for investors. The articles cover various topics, including the incorporation of sustainability in investment strategies, providing index solutions to meet regulatory requirements, and the role of indices in addressing climate-related issues.

Quick Facts

The Quick Facts section provides key information on S&P Global’s indices. The characteristics category provides details on the methodology and construction of the indices. The constituents category lists the top constituents of the indices. The sector breakdown category provides information on the sector allocation of the indices. The country breakdown category offers insights into the geographical coverage of the indices.


The Filters section allows users to refine their search based on specific criteria. Users can filter the content by type, such as research commentary, education, performance reports, events, webinars, corporate news, index announcements, index launches, and index decommissions. Users can also filter content by dates, product name, product type, and country/region, making it easier to find the information they need.

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Source: https://www.spglobal.com/spdji/en/indices/esg/sp-eurousajapan-200-net-zero-2050-paris-aligned-select-50-point-decrement-index